Discover the New,
this is My Passion.
Martina Müller Krüger

Discover the New,
this is My Passion.

Martina Müller Krüger
Martina Müller Krüger

Discover the New, this is My Passion.

Martina Müller-Krüger

Who I am

As a HR Development expert in industry, I have specialized in competency development.

As a Supporter of international Change Processes, I have experience dealing with complexity in organizations.

As a Facilitator I am used to steering dynamic processes towards the intended goals and according to specific needs.

As an Entrepreneur I know about the importance of strategic actions, conscious communication and consistent self-reflection.

As a Sinologist in a global group company I look back on many years of collaboration with Asian colleagues.

As a Project Leader I know about the challenges of leadership and responsibility.

As a Coach I grow and learn continuously.

Martina Müller-Krüger

How I work

Appreciative, Drawing on Resources, Process oriented,
Cooperative, based on Commitments, Co-creative

In German, English and Chinese

Qualification and Experience

Education and Further Training

Systemic Coaching and Team Development

Systemic Organization Consulting

Systemic Group Dynamics

Personnel Development

Lumina Spark Personality Analysis

IDI Intercultural Development Inventory

International Profiler

Management of Multicultural Projects

Organizational Constellations


Modern China Studies, Economics, Law

Sector Experience

Engineering and Construction

Automobile Suppliers

Chemical Industry


IT und Robotics

Health Care

Youth Welfare

Medical Technology



Recycling etc.

Project Examples

Post-Merger Integration

New leadership culture during the introduction of lean management

Collaboration across locations

Feedback culture

Introduction of new roles after restructuring

Global talent and mentoring program

Development of a new project culture


Martina Müller-Krüger

Im Fichtenhain 5
51069 Cologne, Germany

Tel: +49 (0) 151 – 5758 6065


Martina Müller-Krüger